Dr. Judith Brisman

Psychologist, Author, and Eating Disorder Treatment Specialist

Judith Brisman, Ph.D., C.E.D.S., is one of the pioneers in the field of eating disorders. She opened the first center in the United States dedicated to the treatment of bulimia, the Bulimia Treatment Associates.  Over time, BTA was renamed the Eating Disorder Resource Center as the treatment program expanded to include work with anorexia, bulimia, binge eating disorder and other body image disorders. Dr. Brisman was founding director and director of training at EDRC for over 35 years.

Dr. Brisman is well-respected in the eating-disorder community for her ongoing contributions to the field. Her work focuses on the need for direct intervention with disordered eating, while maintaining a sensitive exploration of the psychological factors involved. She is co-author of Surviving an Eating Disorder, which was the first book of its kind to offer effective solutions and support for family and friends of those with eating disorders. Now, years after its publication, Surviving an Eating Disorder continues to be a best-seller in its field.

Dr. Brisman is on the editorial board of Eating Disorders: The Journal of Treatment and Prevention. In addition to having been the director of EDRC, she is an associate editor for the journal Contemporary Psychoanalysis, and is on the teaching faculty at the William Alanson White Institute where she has also been a supervisor of psychotherapy. She has published and lectured extensively regarding the interpersonal treatment of eating disorders, and she is well known for her expertise in running training seminars and presentations.