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Sunday, February 12, 2023

Hungry for More: The Therapist’s Challenge When Working with Eating Disorders

Part of the Professional Vulnerability: Dread, Hope and Resilience Seminar Series

Time: 10:00am–1:00pm
Host: Adelphi University NY
Location: Online
Venue: This is an online seminar

Dr. Judith Brisman will be speaking at the following online seminar hosted by the Gordon F. Derner School of Psychology as part of the Professional Vulnerability: Dread, Hope and Resilience Seminar Series.

Using Interpersonal theory and a discussion of dissociation as a backdrop for exploration, this seminar will discuss how the treatment of eating disorders allows for an expanded version of what we may consider a more traditional analysis.

Work with eating disorders involves an ongoing intermix of behavioral intervention and psychodynamic exploration.  When are direct interventions with food and weight needed? When is this kind of behavioral focus a repetition of problematic relational patterns– both for the patient and for the therapist? And how can this work be considered psychoanalysis?

Ongoing there is a need to question what part of the patient– and what part of the analyst – is present at any given time.  The goal overall is to allow for an exchange of hungers.  Here, an awareness of the therapist’s hunger for change and hope, and alternately the shutdown of any needs,  may be as critical as knowing the experience of hunger the patient has brought into the room.

Learning Objectives:

  1. Learn how to integrate behavioral interventions within a psychoanalytic framework.
  2. With Interpersonal thinking as a backdrop, learn how the use of the therapist’s self-experience can facilitate therapeutic work.
  3. Learn how to question the difference between developmental capacity and relational dynamics in the therapeutic exchange.

Part of the Professional Vulnerability: Dread, Hope and Resilience Seminar Series.

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