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June 10-12, 2021

Guest Speaker at Canyon Ranch

Presentations with Guest Speaker Judith Brisman, PhD

Notes: Dr. Brisman inspires you to take charge of your relationship with food.
Host: Canyon Ranch, Lenox
Location: MA
Venue: Canyon Ranch Wellness Resort
Cost: Rates Vary

Join guest speaker Judith Brisman, PhD, for two presentations on the reasons behind our challenging relationships with food. Even if you know what to eat, maintaining healthy habits, and your happiness while doing so, can be challenging. Discuss why you stray from your food goals and how these failures can actually be opportunities. Get inspired to take charge in your relationship with food and learn how to live a more balanced, healthy life. Judith Brisman, PhD will speak on the following topics:

  • June 10th, evening presentation:
    What Goes Wrong When You Want to Eat Right?

    Discuss the social factors (and more) that interfere with making choices you feel good about. Learn why you stray from your food plans/goals and how these “failures” can actually be opportunities.
  • June 12th, evening presentation:
    Are you Helping or Hurting?  Raising Kids in a Covid World
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