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Oct 5, 2013 – Oct 5, 2015

Conference: Unknowable, Unspeakable, and Unsprung

Navigating the Thrill and Danger of Living amidst Truth, Fantasy and Privacy

Host: The William Alanson White Institute
Location: New York, NY
Venue: Mt. Sinai Medical Center

On behalf of the William Alanson White Institute, we warmly invite you to participate in a day long exploration of the Unknowable, the Unspeakable and the Unsprung. We have chosen the icon of Medusa for our conference as Medusa represents that which may not be represented. She wanders through territory that belongs to both death and life, male and female, order and chaos, and the visible and the invisible. Medusa is literally and figuratively an ambiguous being. This conference was created with an eye towards speaking about subjects that patients and analysts are often hesitant to address or speak about head on. Like Medusa, we live in a world of ambiguity, beauty, jealousy, trauma and the unbidden… We invite you to join us, and our extensive panel of prominent analysts and invited guests, as we attempt to put words, thoughts, and feelings to the unknown, the unspoken and the unsprung.

Panel Topics Include: Sex, Lies, Scandal, Gossip, Politics, The Body, Obesity, Privacy, Failure, Stuckness, The Uncanny, Mortality, Violence, Otherness, And Clinical Conundrums
Keynote Speakers: Adam Phillips & Andrew Solomon