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November 12-14, 2010

The Renfrew Center Foundation 20th Annual Conference

Feminist Perspectives and Beyond: Honoring the Past, Embracing the Future

Location: Philadelphia, PA
Venue: Philadelphia Airport Marriott
Note: This is a past event

Currently there is much controversy regarding the role of parental involvement when a teenager has an eating-disorder. The question is not whether parents should be involved, but how. Approaches veer from direct intervention with food issues (active re-feeding) to parental disengagement from food struggles. Mothers and fathers and other family members can have crucial roles in the process of recovery. Just how parents and caretakers can help—or hurt—the recovery process will be discussed. Audience participation will be encouraged.  Speakers will include Dr. Judy Rabinor, Dr. Margo Maine, and Dr. Judith Brisman. Dr. Judith Brisman will be speaking on teh topic of eating disorder treatment, in a a talk titled Family Ties: What Hurts, Helps and Heals.